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For people who are avid farmers, equestrians or agriculturalists, business growth and expansion is often the norm as needs ebb and flow. But deciding on what ways are the best to expand and adapt to the changing needs is an important question that can have significant long-term effects for any business. 

Expansion in these fields almost always requires new buildings which can be costly and be time-consuming. For those involved in agricultural, farming and equestrian businesses, these are often the things they lack most. That is why finding ways to get good quality building construction without extensive time and money spent is important. One of the best building options for people in these businesses is pole barn construction. 

In contrast to other construction designs, pole barn construction requires fewer materials and time spent on framing and structural support. This is important since the main frame of the building is set by strong wooden or steel poles set in concrete. 

Looking at Barns

For people in Oregon who are looking for a high-quality barn or agricultural building at a reasonable cost, a pole barn is one of the best and most diverse solutions. Pole barn buildings offer great variations in design, size and usage capabilities. Today’s pole barn building design was first officially engineered in the 1930s and their use was most often highlighted in the agricultural, farming and equestrian fields extensively. 

In the first-round construction uses of many of these buildings across the country was exclusively agricultural, farming and equestrian. But for many of these older buildings, those uses have changed and the buildings have undergone extensive modifications to make them usable for other purposes. 

Part of the reason these buildings cropped up across the country is because farming was much more extensive in almost all areas of the country in the 1930s and 1940s. Since much of that has changed in the last fifty years, the need to find other uses for these buildings became paramount. 

Now many of the farming and agricultural hubs are situated in certain quadrants of the country. However, the baseline design of this type of construction has been used for centuries and savvy contractors can readily build and redesign these buildings for longevity and diversity. 

Custom Built Barns  

Today, custom pole barn construction comes in a variety of sizes and are generally rectangular in design. Pole buildings are used most extensively in the agricultural, farming and equestrian industry because of their diversity and open span construction. 

This construction style is also a top choice for many farms and ranches because of their ease of construction, low cost, their variables for open or closed air designs and their expansive ceiling heights. The pole barn design base allows for good air ventilation which can be critically important for farm usage. 

When it comes to weather resistance, the design of the pole building construction allows for a good amount of stability. However, the materials and quality of construction play a significant role in ensuring the buildings can withstand extreme weather events such as blizzards and high wind velocity storms. Because of this, construction materials should always be discussed with the contractor before building construction begins. 

The Many Uses for Custom Built Pole Barns and Pole Buildings 

In addition to agricultural, farming and equestrian uses, pole barn buildings also offer property owners a wide variety of usage options. This building style is quite popular among municipalities where they are often used in park settings for pavilions, as town maintenance supply buildings, town and city vehicle garage buildings, and firehouse garages. 

Pole buildings have also been used extensively for retail shops where country design, ease of construction and cost are important. They can be readily found in a host of different uses across the country. 

Top Pole Building Uses Aside from Agricultural, Farming and Equestrian Include: 

  • Country Grocers
  • Orchard and Farm Stands
  • Nursery and Plant Sales
  • Municipality Buildings
  • Park Buildings
  • Home and Garden Supply Stores
  • Country Ice Cream Shops
  • Feed and Grain Stores
  • Small Airport Hangers
  • Auto Shops
  • Zoo and Animal Buildings
  • Museum Buildings
  • Fairground Buildings
  • Campground Recreation and Religious Camp Buildings
  • Tractor Sales Stores
  • Church buildings
  • Post Office Buildings
  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Horse Barns

In a residential platform, pole barn and pole building construction are used extensively for garages and garage and workshop combination buildings. They are great for larger multiple bay garages and can even be used for residential housing. 

There has also been a recent expansion for use in the industrial sector because of their low cost, their ceiling heights, ease of construction, the ability for open-air designs and drive in garage platforms. 

Benefits of Pole Barn Buildings 

Pole barn construction can be found in either wood or steel-based designs. They can be completed from start to finish quicker than almost any other construction design besides prefab construction. 

Pole barns are easy to insulate which is important for most users unless they are being used for warm weather recreation buildings. They are highly adaptable and can be custom designed in a one-story or two-story design. Rooms can be easily partitioned within pole barn buildings adding to their usage diversity. Interiors are easy to finish off and the addition of utilities and heating is simple with this construction design. 

Depending on the building materials, some pole barns are not built with longevity in mind but instead are built with a short term need in mind. The cost and ease of construction allow for these buildings to be used for shorter term applications as well as longer term depending on the design and materials used in construction. 

Important Construction Decisions for Pole Barn Construction Uses in Oregon 

When choosing a pole barn construction design, it’s important to look at several criteria. Main criteria decisions affecting custom built pole barn construction include: 

  • Building Usage
  • Building Design Needs
  • Long Term Goals for Building Usage
  • Type of Building Materials Desired
  • Potential Weather and Climate Concerns
  • Land Topography for Construction

These are all vital components that will make up the decision on what types of materials are used and what the most appropriate design will be. Working directly with the contractor to address these concerns in the design and construction phase is important. 

Through proper planning, custom pole barn buildings offer owners a great amount of diversity in design and usage. They provide ease of construction and low-cost benefit that makes them a top choice for so many uses. 

Additionally, because the construction design of Oregon pole barns requires less cost in construction, many property owners can add extra features to these buildings to further their diversity. Working with the contractor for upgrades and improvements in amenities and material quality can often be done without extensive expense increase.

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